Crochet phone/ipod cover tutorial

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while, my ipod sloshes around in my bag with all the old rubbish in there, and now I have a lovely snug cover for it, all sealed in and safe! I worked this in a three colour tweed stitch, which is simple to do as long as you follow the sequence.

Start with an even number foundation chain row, measure it to fit the size of your gadget and join into the first chain on the row with a slip stitch, beng careful to keep your ring the right way up, ie all your stitches should be facing the same way, no twists!

Row 1 – Then work a dc into the 2nd chain from the hook, a chain, miss a stitch then dc into the next one, and continue until you reach the end, cut your yarn, leaving a long enough tail to darn in, fasten off.

Row 2 – Tie in your second colour as close as you can to the work, then continue in the same way, but working your dc’s into the chain spaces on the previous row. Work to the end and finish as row 1.

Row 3 – Tie in the third colour and carry on as before.

Continue, keeping the colour sequence, until your tube is the size you want. Fasten off.

Darn in all your loose ends.

Making sure that the back ‘seam’ – ie where you joined your new colours in, is central along the back of the tube, use dc’s to join the bottom of the tube to close it.

You can leave it like this if you want to, or you can make a closer for it by making a foundation chain row of the length you want, then work 2 dc rows. On the third row, make a buttonhole by chaining three stitches (or more depending on the size of the button), missing three stitches and joining back in further along the row, positioning the hole where you want it to be. Continue to end, turn then work another 2 rows of dc’s, working into the chains in the top of the buttonholes when you reach them. Fasten off and darn in your loose end, working the end into a rounded shape with the darning stitches, then sew onto your cover using a whip stitch, sew on your button and pop in your phone or ipod!