Singleton Buttons – Free Tutorial!


I have written this tutorial for the WI Website and am posting it here as a freebie in case anyone fancies a go at Singleton Buttons! I love them and make a lot of them to match different projects – slightly more work than a manufactured covered button but a lot more fun and cheaper too. This is one of the historic thrift crafts of my home county, Dorset.

I will be teaching this method at a handmade button dayschool at Denman College on 16 September 2013, alongside traditional woven Dorsets and embroidered buttons.

Just click the link into the pdf below to get started with the tutorial, and please do let me know how you get on with it, and send any photos of your buttons – I would love to see them!

Singleton Tutorial


Covered Craft Storage Boxes


I have been asked about these this week. I am due to move house soon so don’t have the time to write up a full tutorial but here is a photo with some hints and tips. 

In my office, the varied uses of the photocopier box lid have been noted for some time. They are fairly strong, a good shape and size, like a deep sided tray. They are great for single layer storage, and if you are working on a project, you can see everything you need at a glance. 

The only problem – they aren’t too pretty to look at! So I came up with the idea of covering them with some remnants and bits of fabrics leftover from other jobs – its not a perfect sewing job as I used scraps, but you get the idea! This is full on recycling and I even made little Singleton buttons as handles for them, in matching fabrics. 

I basically made a sleeve for the tray by cutting an A4 base then attaching a long strip for the inner wall and to that a long strip for the outer wall. I then fitted the sleeve to the box and fixed it with some strong stitches in the inside corners in matching thread, to get it nice and snug. I then whip stitched a fabric base to the bottom of the outer wall piece to enclose the sleeve, and finished with a handmade singleton button! 

Here they are in use!