Singleton Buttons – Free Tutorial!


I have written this tutorial for the WI Website and am posting it here as a freebie in case anyone fancies a go at Singleton Buttons! I love them and make a lot of them to match different projects Рslightly more work than a manufactured covered button but a lot more fun and cheaper too. This is one of the historic thrift crafts of my home county, Dorset.

I will be teaching this method at a handmade button dayschool at Denman College on 16 September 2013, alongside traditional woven Dorsets and embroidered buttons.

Just click the link into the pdf below to get started with the tutorial, and please do let me know how you get on with it, and send any photos of your buttons – I would love to see them!

Singleton Tutorial


Yarn Adventures

I went to the Knitting & Stitching Show today and completely failed in my mission not to buy any yarn…. I did however resist the beautiful luxury alpaca, buffalo and artisan dyed yarns which were stunning, and what I did get were real bargs, plus some embroidery threads and sixteen fat quarters!

This week I finished the yarn eater cushion cover which now has a new pattern I tried out on the back, plus more Dorset buttons! I love them and look how perfectly they match the pattern!

More final shows later!

Crochet Comfort

I am now busy making things for my new home in West Dorset – some of these things might be in storage for a while whilst we knock the place into the home we want it to be, but I have already decided that I want the colour palette to echo the sea nearby, in a subtle way, I won’t be having wooden yachts and lighthouses at every corner!

Here is the cushion cover I have just finished, its in a textured pattern with long stitches next to short stitches on some rows to create a bobble effect. I worked it in Rowan Alpaca Cotton which is a lovely, soft aran weight yarn, it’s pricey but its beautiful. Another cushion cover is coming up mixing the same yarn with a natural coloured wool from Blacker Yarns, bought at the sublime yarn shop Bridport Yarn, possibly the most fabulous purveyor of beautiful and unusual yarns ever. I love the way the handmade Dorset buttons on the back have turned out. They are such beautiful things to make, and allow you to finish your pieces in a totally unique way for next to no cost!



And here’s what I call a provenance piece which I am close to finishing. This is from a skein of Portland wool and silk which I bought direct from the spinner at the Melplash Show in Bridport last month – she’s in the background on my Gravatar pic . It looks a lot like linen, undyed and slightly slubby but very fine, so I worked it plain with double crochet on a 3mm hook. I am working the cross stitch over the double crochets with some handspun wool which I dyed myself with a natural dye made from flower heads on a taster day with the Berkshire Spinners, Weavers and Dyers. So it feels really special to me, I know where each of the materials are from and who made them. Finished piece pictures coming up!