Workshops Galore!

There is so much happening right now! I have been away teaching quite a bit and not had a lot of time for writing, so here’s an update on my workshops.

I taught a wonderful Learn to Sew course last week at the WI’s Denman College. I had put a lot of work and thought into this new course and had driven the learning resources people there just a little bit potty with my sewing machine queries!  The group were delightful, including the charming head of the cookery school, worked so hard and were thrilled with the lovely items they made! It’s so good to be appreciated and the lovely card, the round of applause and the requests for more courses made all the difference. Here’s the group with their new laundry bags and peg bags in the fabrics they chose:


Then it was onto the West Country Embroiderers to show them the embroidered strawberry method, a vintage find from Make & Do in Reading, where I worked before moving to Dorset, and always such a hit. These ladies knew how to stitch, their work was stunning! It was quite a privilege to work with them and hope they ask me back!


I’ll be teaching this workshop again in July, plus there will be a strawberry cream tea included! So check out the link below to all my Denman courses!

Another beginners crochet workshop is coming up, plus I’m also working with a some local learning people, a gallery and studio to get some of my workshops going in the Dorset/Somerset area, which is all very exciting and is taking up a lot of my time! Watch this space!

For now, here’s the link to my next Denman College workshops coming up over the next 12 months or so. I will be putting them on my workshop list shortly. I am really excited about these – especially the Favourite Things sampler, which promises to be so unique, and the festive themed workshops, using needle felting and scandinavian style embroidery!