Your perfect craft workshop?

I had a very enjoyable visit to Denman, the WI’s adult education college yesterday. I am a craft tutor there and met with the head of college to talk about new ideas for workshops. I am really excited about some of the wonderful ideas and themes we came up with. But real selling is about knowing what your audience wants, so if you had your perfect pick of a range of creative and personal development workshops, what would it be? 

We are talking historic old skills, thrift crafts, creativity with lots of chilled out relaxation, upcycling… what else?


Answers below please?! Thank you! 


3 thoughts on “Your perfect craft workshop?

  1. If it helps I have signed up for a days workshop to make a raggy Christmas wreath and am thinking of taking one on Annie Sloan paints. I also enjoyed felt making last year and would like to try needle felting!

  2. Oh yes, I love Annie Sloane paints – I’d like to do that myself! Thanks for this, I also want to learn needle felting, then I can teach it! I love felting things already but mainly crocheted pieces.

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