Christmas Cupcakes!

So little time for blogging and crafting right now! We are on the final run down to moving house, just packed the final van-load and its going down tomorrow morning whilst we ship out of Reading forever and settle in in Dorset at last!

Here’s a quick look at the cupcake class I ran last week at Make & Do, which was great fun. These are the demo cakes, which were quickly done, but the participants had a great time with coloured balls, sprinkles and glitter galore, and everyone seemed to love using the Wilton embosser roller on the parcel cakes – they spent a lot longer decorating theirs!

We tested a few out at work the next day, and I am pleased to say that they tasted as good as they looked!



Your perfect craft workshop?

I had a very enjoyable visit to Denman, the WI’s adult education college yesterday. I am a craft tutor there and met with the head of college to talk about new ideas for workshops. I am really excited about some of the wonderful ideas and themes we came up with. But real selling is about knowing what your audience wants, so if you had your perfect pick of a range of creative and personal development workshops, what would it be? 

We are talking historic old skills, thrift crafts, creativity with lots of chilled out relaxation, upcycling… what else?


Answers below please?! Thank you! 


Not a lot of time for blogging at all right now as I manage the big house move and wrap up my job! Sadly, not a lot of time for crafting either but I am going to see the Head of Denman College to talk about running more workshops for the WI!

Just spotted this article which was worth a re-post! Seems that we are all getting bitten by the bug!