Crochet Comfort

I am now busy making things for my new home in West Dorset – some of these things might be in storage for a while whilst we knock the place into the home we want it to be, but I have already decided that I want the colour palette to echo the sea nearby, in a subtle way, I won’t be having wooden yachts and lighthouses at every corner!

Here is the cushion cover I have just finished, its in a textured pattern with long stitches next to short stitches on some rows to create a bobble effect. I worked it in Rowan Alpaca Cotton which is a lovely, soft aran weight yarn, it’s pricey but its beautiful. Another cushion cover is coming up mixing the same yarn with a natural coloured wool from Blacker Yarns, bought at the sublime yarn shop Bridport Yarn, possibly the most fabulous purveyor of beautiful and unusual yarns ever. I love the way the handmade Dorset buttons on the back have turned out. They are such beautiful things to make, and allow you to finish your pieces in a totally unique way for next to no cost!



And here’s what I call a provenance piece which I am close to finishing. This is from a skein of Portland wool and silk which I bought direct from the spinner at the Melplash Show in Bridport last month – she’s in the background on my Gravatar pic . It looks a lot like linen, undyed and slightly slubby but very fine, so I worked it plain with double crochet on a 3mm hook. I am working the cross stitch over the double crochets with some handspun wool which I dyed myself with a natural dye made from flower heads on a taster day with the Berkshire Spinners, Weavers and Dyers. So it feels really special to me, I know where each of the materials are from and who made them. Finished piece pictures coming up!


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