Last weekend I was given the singular honour of standing priestess for the handfasting of my beautiful friends, working with the rather gorgeous Ray as priest. This was a blessing of their runaway legal marriage in Gretna Green a few weeks ago and was a time of celebration for the whole family and friends in the garden of their stunning new home. What a lovely day we had – it was simple and beautiful and filled with joy. 

Here’s Ray and I standing to welcome them into the circle – this was so spontaneous that we only prepped it an hour beforehand, so my hastily scribbled running order is clutched in my mitts! A man and a woman usually stand as celebrants, to honour the Goddess and the God in the union of bride and groom. I have worked ritual for many years but this is the first time I have done this in a handfasting – I loved doing it, helping to create something unique and personal to mark a very special time, and would love to do this again! 



Here’s the moment when the couple’s hands were fast using the ribbon from the car at Gretna!



And here are the happy couple, in their beautiful apple orchard, where the ceremony took place



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