Felted Crochet

You know all those jumpers and cardi’s you ruined by not reading the washing instructions and they came out of the machine ten sizes too small and felted?! Well this is sort of the same, but totally deliberate!

I got into felted crocheted quite a while back when I made a two tone tote bag. I used 100% wool Freedom Spirit and it worked brilliantly. The yarn shop  where I bought the yarn said they couldn’t sell it because it would not machine wash! Perfect! 100% wool hand wash only yarn is the key, then you abuse it by making your crocheted piece about a third bigger than you want it to end up and chuck it in a hot wash cycle in your machine with some old towels. Then tumble dry it as well if you can!

I used two balls of Rico Poems to make the bowl down at the bottom and I was thrilled with the result – it has a thicker texture than a felt hat, very dense and sturdy! This is piece is for sale on my Etsy shop and I am making more for the coastal galleries in seaside colours. Here are the yarns lined up! I haven’t tried to felt the Patons one yet but I am hoping it will work! The results will be coming up soon!

PS I teach the crochet in the round bowls making method on Beginners Crochet workshops, it’s a simple thing to make using just one stitch- the only tricky bit is managing the increases for the bottom of the bowl. But you get lots of help with this. I will be running this again at Denman College in January where you get to stay in a beautiful country estate full board and learn a new skill too! http://www.denmancollege.org.uk/courses/beginners-crochet/10942 Image Image


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