sugarloops at Denman College

Kate’s granny square!

I am thrilled to be a Crafts Tutor at Denman College and add to the rich history of crafting in the WI. At the Beginners Crochet Class I taught this month, I was lucky enough to have Denman’s Marketing Manager with me, who penned this article after the event. Even better was the funky granny square she made after just one dayschool! Denman is a wonderful place to be and learn in and I really look forward to teaching lots more courses there – coming up, Creative Contemporary Embroidery, and Christmas Cake Decorating as well as of course, lots more crochet – the yarn craft of the moment!

Here’s the article from Denman’s Facebook page

Last week Kate, Denman’s Marketing and Communications Manager, attended Natalie Green’s Beginners Crochet Day School, which covers a range of simple stitches that form the basis of many crochet designs, alongside tips on tools, yarns and re

ading patterns.The course gives you everything you could need to design and complete your own small beginner’s project. Techniques that can then be developed to make larger scale items such as blankets, cushion covers and accessories like gloves, scarves and bags.Kate said, “It was a great day. I might’ve only managed one, slightly mangled, granny square in class, but I did three more neat ones that night at home. King-size blankets here I come! I’m hooked!” The photo shows Kate’s latest attempt at a cushion cover…The next Beginners Crochet course runs 11-13 January 2013 and is priced at the Winter Sale price of £197 for members or £234 for non-members: next day school is on the 9 March 2013, priced at £80 for members and £85 for non-members:

For crocheting inspiration, check out Natalie’s Facebook page:


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